About us:

    SAK Decorations is a young, motivated, contemporary Furniture Trading Firm passionate about delivering elegant artifacts.

    From large corporate business to small apartments, we have been at the service of our clients for over 10 years in the UAE.

    We offer exceptional efficiency in generating consistently high-quality deliverables, adjusted to the latest innovations of modern furniture designs, and we aspire to give substantial business value by keeping it simple, yet very elegant.

    Our success is due to our ability to meet the definite requirements of our many and varied loyal customers. Whether it is fitting out a new office complex with voluminous quantity of workstations, cabinets, desks and chairs or something as simple as custom made furniture for your dream home, no request has been too hard to fulfill for us. Our expertise has helped many of our clients save time and money.

    We are committed towards delivering matchless and exquisite furniture keeping in mind the tastes, culture and needs of our client that amplifies the overall quality of life

Mission Statement:

    Our interior designs are rooted in latest innovations, powered by creativity and culture.

    Our sole objective is to provide communities and clients with furniture that is sound, safe and eye-catching that enhances the quality of life. We believe in durability, quality and longevity which highly serve our agenda of constructing a surrounding that is alluring to be in.

    Our cost effective collaborations with both local and overseas suppliers and manufacturers result in savings from competitive wholesale prices which are passed on to our clients.